Help with story idea (Clue contest)

So, I’d like to enter the Clue contest but I’m kinda stuck :confused:

My story is based on/inspired by Greek mythology.

It’s about a monster called Lamia. Her children were killed by Zeus’ wife because she had an affair with him & after that, she turned into a child-devouring monster. She has several abilities, including shapeshifting. She managed to escape from the underworld to the mortal realm (earth), seeking “something that belonged to her”. For each day that passes, one child becomes Lamia’s victim.

In order to defeat Lamia, Zeus sent some of the Olympian Gods (Ares, Dionysus, Hemes, Apollo and Artemis (not sure about her though) to the mortal realm.

Along with the MC who’s wearing (one of) Lamia’s cursed necklaces they try to find a way to defeat Lamia.

Now the things I’m struggling with are the clues & the mystery.

I came up with 2 potential storylines:
1: MC had bought friendship necklaces for her friend, which were actually cursed. In order to defeat Lamia, those necklaces need to be destroyed.
2: MC & Olympian gods need to find Lamia who has shift-shaped as a student

But I’m not entirely sure :confused:

Is anyone willing to provide me feedback/suggestions/ideas regarding my story?

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I usually get inspired by other stories, feel free to check out my new story Roseville : City Of Secrets, for an inspiration source if u want


hm…I dont see anything wrong with it…hm, what do u want to change mainly?

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What if the MC was a child of Lamia, who escaped?

The necklaces were only worn by Lamia’s children. Which is how Lamia recongises her, even though they haven’t seen each other for years. The MC could have been adopted, unknowingly, being mistaken for an orphan.

So how will the MC deal with facing her mother, who she has no relationship with? Has she lived her life wishing to meet her mother? Will she be able to finish the job?

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I’m just not sure where to put the clues…


Oh, I like that idea! I can definitely do something with that, thank you!

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I’ve written in third person.

It depends on what your mystery is:

Is the MC trying to find out why the necklace is curse?

The MC has had it ever since they could remember.

Does it bring them some bad luck?

So, they’ll wonder where they got it from. Was it left with a note, from Lamia.

Does the MC want to find their mother?
Why did their mother leave them? Weren’t they important enough. Of course, they would never expect all the clues to lead to their enemy…


I see, thank you!

@Sydney_H Please close this thread :grinning:

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Closed by OP request. :slight_smile: