Help with story idea, please!

I was going to have a break from writing but im honestly so bored without it.

I kinda wanna write a new one tho but i wanted to write a comedy documentary thingie like the office. But i dont know what it would acc be about.

I was thinking about a gang (coz most gang stories gets a lot of reads and ngl we all love those sweet reads) but idk how that would work so rip

Yeh please gimme some ideas lol

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what would be cool if you did all of the friends like different cultures.


woah thats a good idea, thank you!

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Welcome <3

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if you’re thinking gang maybe the story could be a bunch of incompetent teenagers trying to start a gang, but they suck at it because they’re so young. They then manage to get into a turf war with an actual serious gang from the other side of town. And from there chaos ensues.

I’m thinking In over their heads, coming of age, comedy with a loveable and diverse cast that you feel for.

If you pick the Idea you can pm me if you need any more help! :grin:


That honestly sounds so cool. thank you.

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