Help with story plot, and idea!


Hi everyone! So I’m in the process of writing my story, it takes place when the MCs are in their early 20s about, around the age where they no longer live with their parents, and have stable jobs. In my story, I’m going to have a big portion of the story based on the past, typically high school era, maybe a bit of college as well. My story is realistic, I wasn’t planning on adding fantasy to it. But I had this idea of having the MC mess up deeply in present time, and she somehow goes back to high school, and learns from her mistakes, and gets more insight on the things she already knows/suspects about her life. Then she can go back and try to fix what she did wrong, and use what she learned not to repeat her mistakes. Sorry if it’s a bit vague, if I give away any more I feel like it would be more confusing haha. But what do you think? This seems to be a good idea I have, but I don’t really want to compromise the realistic feel of the story. I was considering making it a dream she has, but I’m worried it may be too long, as I would want this story line of the alternate reality to go on for a minimum of 3 whole chapters, maybe even up to 5, I feel like it could really play a role in my story. Any feedback is really appreciated :slight_smile:


I really like this idea.

Maybe the MC is looking at a shooting star and wishes to go back to High School and she is zapped to when she was in High School.

Or it could be she is sent back to High School for a certain reason to learn from her mistake she made in the present.


But I like the story plot and everything!

Definitely different which is good!

It’s unique!


I like the idea :+1:


Thanks guys! :heart:


LOVE IT!!! If you get the chance pls elaborate :grin::kissing_heart:


Ok! So I’ve decided to keep it more realistic, although I really love @Charity1226 ‘s idea, I decided I don’t want it to be fantasy, and I want it to be realistic. I’m thinking of making a 2-3 episode cameo with this plot line, where the MC is perhaps in an accident or coma :frowning: (sorry)! That will be the reason for her long dream period. She’ll be in her own alternate reality, and able to interact with all her old friends before their relationships got complicated. She will also be able to explore her feelings more and receive closure about things without feeling guilty, or worrying about consequences later on. I can’t give any more away, because it’s a very big spoiler to the story, but after this she wakes up, and sees the people around her in a new light. They of course don’t know what happened in her dream, but she remembers. Also, things that happened in her dream were all real, they were things she remembered more clearly than she did in the past (that actually happened), or choices the reader can make (although they don’t impact the story) that are very realistic and could’ve happened at that time. There are more clues in the present that she didn’t have in the past, which is why I was eager at the chance to introduce this plot line. Again, sorry for the rant! But @Mari_the_artist @Charity1226 @_Life Do you think this is a good idea?


Again, I’m sorry for the super huge long rant you guys :joy::joy::joy:


No problem! I think the new idea is great! :laughing::grin:


Yay thank you!


You’re very welcome!

May I ask what style you’re using Limelight or Ink?


I’m using ink


Ok good luck with writing it! If you ever need to talk to someone about ideas you can always pm me! :blush:


Wow thank you so much!! :blush: School’s a bit stressful right now, but I hope to have it published before the 24th. You’re really nice, thank you! I might take you up on your offer :wink:


Ohh well good luck in school as well you got this! :grin: And that’s exciting! Yeah I’m on pretty much all the time!

Oh and @_Life is on hold but she wants me to tell you she likes the idea as well!! :blush:


i cant wait for the first episode


Aw thank you guys! :heart: