Help with Story plot/idea

So I have a solid plot and character development for three different stories, one is a comedic high school clique, the second is a powerful business woman in New York, and third is a woman who gets pregnant by an actor but that goes against her grandmothers will. I really want to make a story but the problem is I can’t do all three at once or even two (because I’ve never even published a story before). Does anyone have an idea on how I can somehow combine all three or two story ideas?

This is just a random suggestion that I thought could work for all 3 of your stories!

Story idea

The comedic high school clique could be played by a son or daughter of the most powerful business women in new york who is the MC (Main Character). But then the Mom/Mum gets pregnant from an actor so the Mum and daughter stop the Grandma finding out to make sure they stay in her will.
You could change it into the daughter getting pregnant. So the Mom/Mum stops her Mum from finding out

Idk it’s just an idea you don’t have to use it :blush: :grin:


Thank you, this is actually a really good idea!!