Help with Story Writing (New Writer)

****Edit: Thank you all for the support, messages, and resources! I do not need any more help with Episode writing, and I am not interested in co-writing anymore.

Hi everyone! I am a new writer on Episode, and I am currently tackling the challenge of writing AND coding everything! I really need someone who can give me tips and personal feedback on my progress over the NEXT FEW WEEKS. Please message me if you are interested!

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Welcome! And, yes, writing and coding can be a bit overwhelming. Just know that if you ever get stuck on a code, you can come to the Forums and we’ll help out, too. :slight_smile:
Some good websites for new coders:

Dara has great templates, codes, tips and examples of all the types of coding. And episode life is ran by Joseph Evans (check out his youtube for a full playlist of Code Tutorials that break everything down and shows both the code and previews.) and has overlays, templates (a few), backgrounds. They’re recently revamped the website so it’s definitely work checking back on.

The other websites are good to find backgrounds/overlays that are free to use and edit. :slight_smile: Keep an eye out for any overlays with real world company names as those are copyrighted and sometimes the sites miss them.

Hope someone can be of more consistent help for you, but if not, feel free to tag me if you get stuck @ColeCatalyst <like this :slight_smile: Again, welcome to the community!



Welcome to the community!

I’m available if you need any sort of help. Just shoot me a PM. 🫶🏻

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Hello, I would be happy to help if you still need it.

Would you also be interested in doing the story together?

I need a writing buddie and a friend too, I have been reading episode stories for a very long time and I said why not write my own story for others to enjoy too I have already started it ,my first story. I could really need a partner who can contribute in any way he/she could, I’m kind of getting stuck in some places, we will both take credits for it. this is my Instagram handle if you will be willing to contribute @jennyposh12 you can also write me here too. Can’t wait to work with you. Thank you.

I’d be more than happy to help (if you still need it, i know im a little late lol) as I’m starting my own story myself haha.
I couldn’t find your instagram handle, so could you please just add me instead its @epi_su.ju on ig.