Help with Tappable Menu - only first button works

Hello guys!

I created a tappable menu for my own story, with 3 buttons, START, CC and SKIP but I got some issues :frowning:

The portal doesn’t show any errors, but when I try to preview it on the app, it only work the first button which is the START one :confused: and even if I tap on the CC button or SKIP one, it will result like I tapped the START one because it becomes darker and then go to his label.

Anyone can help me spotting where I did wrong? I attached here a photo of my coding.

You might need to create a second label for the menu. For example, if someone wanted to tap on the start button, but back out before starting, you can have an option to so no that leads to the other menu label that allows for you to keep going through the menu before starting.

Check your overlay images and make sure they’re not overlapping each other. Remember the entire PNG image which includes the transparent space will be tappable

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Why should I add a new label :thinking: ?

I am a little new at coding so I don’t know how to check if they are overlapping each other :sweat_smile: how can I do that?

In the previewer when you click on the overlay, there’s a dotted white box around the overlay. That shows how big the overlay image is

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Oh I got it! You were right they are overlapping each other :sweat_smile: so that means that I need to edit in photoshop, sorry if I ask you because I am really new at it, but how can I make them that are not overlapping each other?

Yea you will have to edit the image and crop it so that you don’t have too much transparent space.

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Okay got it I’ll edit now and see if it’s working! :kissing_closed_eyes:

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It’s working! thank you @Dara.Amarie :hugs::heart:

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