Help with tappable overlays please

Hi. I need help with tappable overlays. I have 2 overlays and I have a bit of a struggle with them.

  1. Customize

I am having trouble with the customization button. I will demonstrate a picture:




As seen in the photos, the characters are going “inside” the overlays & I don’t know how to change that.

  1. The skip

The skip button pictures:



As seen in the picture, it’s not putting the other choices. Sometimes the other choice would show but it never worked. And if the readers want to skip the episode I don’t know how to finish the episode.
So, If you know please assist.
My script template is down below



label start_of_story
@overlay 6351333595217920_START shifts to 68 383 in zone 1
@overlay 6351333595217920_START scales to 2.620 2.620
@overlay 6351333595217920_START moves to layer 8
@overlay 6351333595217920_CUSTOMIZE shifts to 25 244 in zone 1
@overlay 6351333595217920_CUSTOMIZE scales to 2.368 2.368
@overlay 6351333595217920_CUSTOMIZE moves to layer 8
@overlay 6351333595217920_SKIP shifts to 78 74 in zone 1
@overlay 6351333595217920_SKIP scales to 2.764 2.764
@overlay 6351333595217920_SKIP moves to layer 8

goto start_story

label customize_characters

Who do you want to customize?

“Character 1” {
@YOU walks to screen center
goto CHAR_1
} “Character 2” {
goto CHAR_2
} “Character 3” {
goto CHAR_3
} “Finished customizing!” {
goto done_cc

label CHAR_1
@pause for 0

#CHARACTER 1 customization goes here#

goto customize_characters

label CHAR_2
@pause for 0

#CHARACTER 2 customization goes here#

goto customize_characters

label CHAR_3
@pause for 0

#CHARACTER 3 customization goes here#

goto customize_characters

#Your story goes here#

} “SKIP” {

Are you sure you would like to SKIP?

choice “Yes, I would like to skip.” {

Okay! See you in the next episode.

}} “No, I would NOT like to SKIP” {

goto start_of_story


Let’s start!

label start_story

@transition fade out black in 3

Thank you! :metal2:

You need to put the character on a layer above the tappables and you can also choose to fade out the tappables when she appears using the opacity command. (:

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Hii, So, if I put the character above the tappables, would that remove the overlays from behind them?

No, overlays will only disappear if you use the clear command or if you make them invisible by adjusting the opacity (but with opacity, the overlay is still technically there).

If I were you, I’d move her to a high layer than the overlays and have them fade out when she’s on screen or just before she walks on screen. It won’t look as clumped together then. Once she’s done, you could have her walk off screen and use the opacities to make the overlays visible again.

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Okay, What layer should I move them to?

I’d have the overlays at layer 1 and the character at layer 2. :relaxed:

Okay, I will try that! Thank you!

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Thank you, It worked! Would I have to do the same thing with the skip one?

Yeah, I would put all overlays on the same layer, just makes sure their transparent areas don’t overlap though!

Okay, thank you so much!

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No problem. (:

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