Help with tappables!

Hi guys, I was just wondering if anyone can correct my tappable overlay script?


Are you sure you are ready to begin your adventure?


“Yes.” {

We shall make haste!


Oh dear, do hurry up!

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If you’re still stuck share more of your code. A ss would be helpful too.

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Another thing! For the no option you should take them back to the start of the menu so they can click other buttons.

And the label would go somewhere here:

I’m assuming you have more overlay options underneath the word tappable (tappable written only once as it’s a menu)

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Potential error cause:
If your overlay has a different name, write the exact name of the overlay, nothing else.

If that’s not your error, ignore me :slight_smile:

hope this helps!

Create the overlay—you can’t create a tappable overlay if the overlay itself isn’t in the scene :slight_smile:

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Keep in mind that the words inside the quotation marks under the tappable choice MUST match the overlay name exactly, no added words (such as overlay). It will not work if it doesn’t name the overlay exactly.

ah okay, I’ve removed overlay but how should i create the overlay?
it’s so difficult ahaha

On line 10 write exactly what I’ve written on my line 29. “@overlay BEGIN BUTTON create and overlay BEGIN BUTTON opacity 1”

(I’ve just realized my example above had a slight error)

Line 14 in your script should also have another line for the “Narrator” line following “}”. It’ll give you an error otherwise.

like this? :slight_smile:

Yep! I’d see if that works. Also, if you’re wanting people to go back to the tappable choice after selecting no, add in a label on line 11 and redirecting them to it on line 30

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You may need to spot direct the overlay as well to fit comfortably on the screen

how do labels work? So sorry, it’s all so confusing haha

This post may help with labels more than I can!

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