Help with tear drop overlay

hey there,
I don’t know how to place this overlay mid-way through my scene. I want it to be just under the male characters left eye but I don’t know how to place it.
I would appreciate if someone could help me with this. :two_hearts:

you cant do that mid in scene. only after if it shall be mid scene. you see the text change you move the overlay. well you just copy past that in. text in with evrything.

it shall look like this

@overlay 5973885830823936_ARROW RIGHT shifts to -487 323
@overlay 5973885830823936_ARROW RIGHT scales to 0.240 0.240

if it shal be in a zone you add in zone X

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I just want to add on this guide will help:

Yeah, it would look something like that.

Example in script:

&overlay ARROW RIGHT create
&overlay ARROW RIGHT scales to 0.240 0.240
&overlay ARROW RIGHT shifts to -487 323 in zone 2
&overlay ARROW RIGHT to layer 7
@overlay ARROW RIGHT opacity 1 in 0


woohooo I got it
thank you @JemU776 @line123462 xx

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Glad to hear :wink: :blob_sun:

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