Help with the avatar name input please

Even I start writing to relax, it’s being more stressful than I remembered LOL
One quick question, I was finishing my first chapter and then I checked in the app to see if everything was working, and turns out that the avatar name input wasn’t working! The script used to work fine but suddenly it just stop.
This is the code I’m using, in fact, it´s an Episode script

This is how my character’s name looks
And this how it looks on the app preview :sob:

And for some reason, it works in the dialogues but not on the character’s name.
Could someone help me, please? I really don´t know what to do

Remove the [ ] from the display name.


Omg, thank you so much :sparkles::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Btw, your scrips have really helpful for me, tysm :sparkles:


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