Help with the baseball bat prop


I need help with giving my female INK character a baseball bat

-do the props work while a character is running?

I know the @add Prop to CHARACTER but it’s not working


Yeah it will until you remove it


My character isn’t holding it at all


See it from mobile … Some times preview on desktop don’t work


Or can you send the script here?


It’s not letting me send it…I’m just trying to send the one section


it didn’t work on the mobile version either


I think this prop is glitchy, sometimes it works and sometimes not.


ok thank you so much for helping anyway


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The scripting is @add Baseball Bat to CHARACTER and to remove it it is @remove Baseball Bat from CHARACTER. The prop will remain in the hand of your character unless you decide to remove it.


im so sorry i just got my computer back. I added that to my script but my character still isn’t holding the prop


Send a support ticket HERE


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