Help with the character becomes character code!

Hi all! I’m trying to use the @character becomes character code but it’s not working.

So, my character, DUPLICATE is a base male character but the way I have set it up for customization is that DUPLICATE becomes whatever gender the reader chooses and they can customize accordingly (in this case, YOUFEM, YOUMALE). All that is great and it works (if you want to test it or see what I mean with my error the link is at the bottom of this post) BUT when I go to let the readers customize the female body options, the DUPLICATE character will not take form of the soft or athletic body types - even though I’m using the @DUPLICATE becomes YOUFEM (YOUFEM has the corresponding body type). One, I need help figuring this out without having to create a whole other character and branching all that and two, why does it work with the YOUFEMPLUS character but not the other body types? I thought that the becomes command copies every aspect of the character?
Any help would be appreciated!

Old (how I wanted to code it originally):

New (what I changed it to after a suggestion below, but still doesn’t work):

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Since there aren’t a lot of body types, I would probably just use the same coding for YOUMALE with the duplicate.

@YOUMALE changes body into Male Slim Body
@DUPLICATE changes body into Male Slim Body

And etc.

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Okay wow that worked haha, I think I tried it with the female but not the male…now speaking of the female one, I have the same problem with it - and tried with the way you put it but it gives this error:
now I assume it’s because the duplicate character base is male…do you know any way around this?



Yes, you’re correct. Unfortunately you can only duplicate characters of the same gender. I would create a character called @DUPLICATEFEM and use that for the female customization portion. (:

I also see that you have the plus sized option for readers. If you do this, you would have to create ANOTHER duplicate that is plus sized based and probably name it something like @DUPLICATEFEMPLUS.

See the only thing is I use the @DUPLICATE becomes YOUFEM and same for YOUFEMPLUS and it works fine…it’s only changing from the generic to athletic, or soft. I forgot to say it works for the plus body just not the others for some reason. And when they get to choose their gender I use the becomes command and it changes fine. It’s so bizarre :sweat_smile:

That is bizarre! I’m not sure why the system is picky like that :sweat_smile: Someone else might know why/an easier way but thats how I’ve done it in my stories. :sweat_smile:

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Thank you anyways for trying haha I always overcomplicate things :sweat_smile:

Bumpity still need help :slight_smile:

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