Help with the follow command

Hey there! I need help with having a character move to a spot and different zone using the follow command.

Picture of coding



@STELLA enters from left to spot 1.123 172 88 AND NATHANIEL enters from left to spot 1.297 76 41

@NATHANIEL is idle_exhausted_loop

    STELLA (talk_apathetic)
I promise this is the last clothing store!

@NATHANIEL is eyeroll_subtle

@SAM enters from right to spot 1.144 261 95

    SAM (talk_explain_neutrel)
And what can I do for you guys today?

@NATHANIEL exits left

@zoom on 320 259 to 346% in 0

@SAM is react_sit_confused

@zoom reset

@SAM is idle

@STELLA is eyeroll_subtle

    STELLA (talk_explain_neutral)
I'm sorry about him.

    SAM (talk_agree_happy)
That's quite alright.

    SAM (talk_explain_neutral)
What would you like me to help you with today?

    STELLA (talk_pointup_pretentious)
I'm leaving NYC for the first time and I want to make a good impression on the people I'll be with.

@STELLA is idle

@SAM is think_rubchin

    SAM (talk_think_neutral)
I have some outfit ideas for you.

    SAM (talk_armscrossed_shrug_neutral)
Where are you traveling too?

    STELLA (talk_awkward_loop)
I'm not entirely sure...

    SAM (talk_armscrossed_shrug_neutral)
Ok...I'll try to work with that

@STELLA is idle_bounce_happy_loop
@follow SAM to spot 0.669 222 307 in zone 3
@STELLA spot 0.728 154 270 in zone 3
@zoom on 955 337 to 148% in 0

If anyone can help, please respond! Any help is appreciated :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Have you tried taking out the “spot” part? I think “spot” only works when placing characters there. :thinking:

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But I want the character to walk to a certain spot whilst the camera is following the character

Oh I meant the word “spot.” Just having the point there should work I think

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I will try it.

Like this

@follow SAM to 0.669 222 307 in zone 3

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The follow command won’t work on spot directing. You’ll have to do it like this:

&zoom on ... ... to ...% in ...
@CHARACTER walks to spot ... ... ... in ...

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I will try this

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Aw dang sorry about that. :confused: I thought it worked for me one time.

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That’s ok. Thanks for trying.

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It didn’t work

You have a typo… Remove the second “to” in line 5035.
Also have the zoom timed same with the character walking, like this:

&zoom on 955 337 to 148% in 2
@SAM walks to spot 0.669 222 307 in zone 3 in 2

I could be wrong, but maybe you could try:

@follow CHARACTER to screen left/right in zone 3
@CHARACTER walks to spot 0.669 222 307

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You can only follow to screen left, screen center, screen right, etc in whatever zone you’re going to.
The best way to do what you want is to code it as

&STELLA walks to spot 0.728 154 270 in zone 3 AND STELLA does it while walk_neutral
@pan to zone 2
@pan to zone 3

When you use the & instead of the @ they continue to do the action while other actions are being added


Martini_98 had it right. You have to do one command with & and a specific time (ex. 2 seconds) then the next command needs to be @ with the same time.

&pan to zone 2 in 5
@CHARACTER walks to spot 1 1 1 in zone 2 in 5

Copy and paste this and save it ^^^^

I have a whole document of script templates like this so I can copy and paste them.
It makes it so much easier


May be try using

&CHAR walks to spot _ _ _ in zone 2 in (time)
@pan to zone 2


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