HELP with the if/else/elif Code

I am using the elif coding, and I am running into a problem because I am adding dialogue in response to 7 of my past choices, and the dialogue isn’t showing when I go to preview it on my phone. Do I have to add brackets or anything like that? Here’s what I have:

if (What I have on) {
RUBIN (talk_shrug_neutral)
That is a very interesting | italic | choice | reset | of an outfit Ms.Devons.
&RAIN is idle_awkward_scratch_loop
RUBIN (talk_armscrossed_angry_loop)
You know I could | bold | hold your choice to dress reguarly | reset | against you, but I understand the situation you are in at the moment.
&RUBIN is idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop
RAIN (talk_exhausted)
I know, I know.
} elif (Business Outfit #1) {
} elif (Business Outfit #2) {
} elif (Business Outfit #3) {
} elif (Business Outfit #4) {
} elif (Business Outfit #5) {
} elif (Business Outfit #6) {
} else {

What method have you used for the choice? The words inside the ( ) are these your gains? Make sure you reset story progress on the app each time you want to test these.

I figured out what the issue was, but thank you anyways.

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