Help with the layer thingy


I am using the COUNTER BAKERY overlay. How do I get the charectar in front of the COUNTER BAKERY instead of behind it?


You have to layer the overlay and the character:

@CHARACTER moves to layer #
or @CHARACTER spot % x y in zone # at layer #


How many layers are there? My person keeps going behind the overlay.


Layers are infinite. Make sure you aren’t using “enters from” or “stands screen position” because that defaults characters back to behind the overlay.


Here what I did: @ALICIA spot 1.250 208 51 in zone 1 at layer 5



Did you layer the overlay?


No how do you do that?




Ill try it give me a sec


Im confused. What layer do you suggest me to put the counter on and the charectar.


If you want the character to be in front of the overlay, then the overlay should be at a lower layer than the character. If ALICIA is at layer 5, then put the overlay at any layer less than layer 5


Ill try it


Thanks it worked!



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