Help with the next episode's sneak peak snippet

I’m finishing the first episode of my story and wanted to add a snippet trailer to tease the next episode. But I have no idea where to start transition-wise (i.e. how to make it look suspenseful while still giving a few short interesting scenes. Is this an important thing to add in, is it common or should I let it go and move to the next episode? How should I go about this?

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Do u wanna place it at the start?
If so, make a short scene of the moment after your intro and then add a text overlay to your next scene with sonething like “present time” or “a few days/weeks/months earlier”.

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I can make the text for you if you haven’t got a set font for your story theme yet .

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I think that would be cool but I’m not sure how it would work because in the next episode, it is only a few minutes later time jump. would that still be a good idea to add a text overlay or should it be something like a “Next on!” and then transition to the teaser scenes?

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For what I reccomended, you’d need to put the scene from the next episode as the first scene in the original.
If you wanna place it at the end, “a few minutes later” or anything similar to that would work,
Imo I get more interested in a story when I immediately see some action, mystery or suspense.
If your storyline is interesting from the first scene, placement doesn’t matter.

oh ok, I see what you mean although I do have one worry how would I know if I’d given too much info away about the upcoming scenes? currently, I have the characters taking and I only pick a few sentences to flash between but I’m not sure if having full sentences is suspenseful enough. I was thinking of replacing the sentencing with keywords and ending it with a shocked face but in not sure how to animate it. (and it also feels too cliche/overdone)

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This depends on what type of scene it is honestly!
Are u writing mystery, action or fantasy?

It’s like a teen drama-type story

you could add some mystery to the characters, make clones of them and make their names blank for the teaser.
also adding light flashes (@transition fade out colorname 0.5), and zooming in to their lips or eyes while they talk.
you could add two black screen overlays and spot direct them to cover the entire character except the eyes, or make a scene where they’re standing with some rear animation.

idk the details of the scene, so i can’t say exactly what would suit it.
those are just some of the basic things to make it more suspenseful^^
try watching edits or look at the first few scenes in difference stories, shows or movies for inspo.

if u need help coding or creating overlays, my discord tag is ?¿#3464

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