Help with the } of the choices

My life is full of complications with choices. I managed to close all the choices but an error message says "There is a {on line 3818 does have a matching} but when I press the little arrows on the side, the choice is closed but it does not I have checked and the other is ok, what do I have to do, thank you in advance for your answer

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Can you show me your script

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Of course

This is not all my script but this is the “more important”

On lines 4125, 4126 and 4127 you have } this bracket can you remove all of those and then show me the line where you have the error on

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The label, label_restaurant label should be before the first choice

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I think It worked. I check and tell you if it works

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@xetic don’t know where to put it. Can you tell me please ?

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Yeah Ofc so before line 3818 is where the label , label_restaurant should be NOT on Line 3822

That’s what happened and it also says that the label does not exist

You have a label inside an if/elif/else statement.

You can’t create a label inside an if/elif/else statement. It needs to be outside of the curly brackets - {}

You need to remove the label and use a goto.

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But I do not have if / then I only have choices and I already use goto

Or curly brackets - {} - choices.

If your code still looks like this, remove the label from inside the choice.

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If I put it before the choice, the label will not play in the choice but before

You don’t need the label. You can remove the label and the goto, because it doesn’t go anywhere.

But if you want it. Put it after. And then if you need another goto, return to what would happen after the choice.

Someone told me that as I repeat the scene twice, I will need a label so I do not have to rewrite it. What could I do? It blocks all the rest of my story I can not continue the rest without resolving it.

Well, you need to remove the entire scene (label) from the choice. Or it won’t work.

Use a goto to return to where you need to be after that scene.

However, if you need to use it twice, you will need a condition so it knows where to go.

If you are repeating it twice because of the choice, the bit’s that repeat, have outside the choice, and the others should be either in the choice or you use a condition.

It says that my label doesn’t exist

Line 3821 you need to close the choice with a }
“Play him”{
goto restaurant_label
after this choice you can put the other choice that uses the same scene in same format as above

label restaurant_label
Scene here

Hope this helps :grimacing:

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