Help with the opacity command

For a while, I’ve been trying to get the opacity to work for when wanting my overlay to fade in, but, it keeps on saying what I’m typing is invalid! I’ll attach what’s happening below so someone can please help me…



it might not work, because you used AND in your overlay name, and it may recognize this as a command

Ok, I’ll give it a try without the AND.

@Apes now it comes up with this…

can you show your command?

I actually just figured it out! I accidentally put opacity to 1 instead of just opacity 1 (I’m so stupid :joy:) However, when I want it to fade in, it instead just automatically appears?


place your overlay offscreen first, change opacity to 0, then move to the spot you want and then fade in.

INT. BACKGROUND with OVERLAY to % X Y <-----offscreen
&overlay OVERLAY opacity 0 in 0
then move here to your spots and fade in :slight_smile:

@Apes (Edit) Now it comes up with

can you post your command?

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I’ve not got much experience with overlays, so tell me if this doesn’t work, but I’m sure opacity 1 is the default opacity when you add an overlay, so I think you need to get rid of that. The faded opacity for an overlay is 0.5 I think.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

@Apes Help%205

@MackenzieWritesIG Unfortunately that doesn’t work! :sweat:

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Hun you forgot to add the transition color :sweat_smile:
Example: @transition fade in black 3.5

@storiesby.Alana I don’t think its that because the default is black anyway. It has something to do with the scale.

Can I see your script scene?

Here you go…

Well I see that you have the overlay placement next to the overlay name and on their own lines. Try deleting the overlay placement that’s by the overlay name.

The overlay placements in each place are also different so that may have taken effect in your script.

Okay, ill try that.

It works, but practically the same problem happens, it doesn’t fade in.

Ooh you want the screen to fade in. Here try this.
(Make sure you change what you need to change.)

@NORMANI stands screen center AND NORMANI faces right
@NORMANI is talk_apathetic
@transition fade out black 3.5
&NORMANI stands screen center and NORMANI faces left AND NORMANI is idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop
@transition fade in black 3.5