Help with the opacity command


Not sure what you mean but I have the idea of like the warning screen and stuff so I have overlay words that I want to fade in but they just appear without doing the fade… If that makes sense?


Ooh sksksks. :joy: Try this instead.

#- Number
T- Time

@overlay SOCCERBALL opacity 1 in 3

@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity # in T


The bigger the number, the slower the overlay will become fully visible. The lower the number, the faster the overlay will become visible.


what does the opacity do


Opacity makes the overlay invisible or see-through. :slight_smile:


Do you want me send a video on what’s happening?




The video won’t work, sorry! But just to try and really explain it the transition fade comes in with the background. Then, it sort of waits a moment and then the text overlay just appears, no fade or anything.


I saw the first post you posted on this thread, and it said “@overlay MATURE AND LANGUAGE opacity to 1 in 3.5.” That might be your problem, take away ‘in’. But also, your overlay has AND which is a directing command. You might have to re upload that overlay and choose a different name.


Yeah I ended up changing it instead of AND and it says I need the opacity to 1 in other whyse its ivalid.


That’s wrong. It should be
@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity # in T


@overlay MATURE ALSO LANGUAGE opacity 1 in 3.5


Yes that should work.


For some reason it’s not but I think it’s got nothing to do with that because the issue is
So it’s got something to do with the way I scaled it.


Sen me a full picture of your script.


I’ve only done that one thing.
Help%204 Help%206


By the side with the numbers on them, which one has a red box with an X so I can help a little better.


The very first line