Help with the point system

So, I’m new to using the point system, I’m using it for a mystery story I’m writing, I’d like to use them to gather clues and so on.
I know how to code it, and there aren’t any errors, but I’m wondering how it calculates it. is that something I have to do? Does it do it automatically?
For example, at the end of the episode, I want the reader to know that they’ve gathered 2 out of 5 clues or whatever.
Can anyone help me with this?

This article by the episode knitters is really helpful! They explain how to add the points easily too :slight_smile:


…Is that an actual knitting thread?

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Lol it’s a group of episodians that call themselves the episode knitters :joy:

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Thank you! I’ve read through this as well as Dara’s, but I’m not understanding how to calculate the points. It seems to tell in conjuction with another character. Do I have to create another character? Maybe I’v just read through it too much. lol

Yes. You would create characters with the same name as your clues and add/subtract points where needed. That way you can use the coding to tell the reader how many clues they have using the if/elif/else :slight_smile:


Oh okay! Would you totally mind giving me and example?? lol

Oh wait, I think I get it.

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Ooh I’ve never used points :joy::joy: but after reading the article, you could have one character called CLUE and add points to it when they find a clue.
if(CLUE =1){
You only found one clue out of five.
}elif(CLUE =2){
You found two out of five clues.
}elif(CLUE =3){
You found three out of five clues.
}elif(CLUE =4){
You found four out of five clues.
}elif(CLUE =5){
You found all five clues!
}elif(CLUE <1){
You didn’t find any clues.
you can also use gains to mark when your character has found a clue, although this can be a little more complicated
For example- in a scene where they have to search around and they found a knife …
CHAR (talk_exclaim_yes)
I found a knife!
gain found_knife

you can repeat this for every clue they found and have a set of gains for each one (example gain found_rope gain found_finger_print etc)

if (found_knife){
You found one clue out of five.
}elif (found_knife and found_rope){
You found two out of five clues.
Etc etc. I’m not too clever on points and I would personally use the gains as I’m more familiar with them. But I believe the points system is an easier way!

Thank you so much for doing that! This is originally what I did, but I think it may be that I need to test it live. It doesnt seem to work in the preview.

Omg no the preview doesn’t remember points/gains :see_no_evil::joy: you will have to test all of this on your app lol

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