Help with the portal!

Hello,I meant to ask…I remember one time Episode saying that they won’t support some devices for the Episode App, as in some old iPhones or some androids
Does that happen with some computers as well? Because I have a problem with loading my portal on my laptop

I’m not completely sure… Maybe? What are you using to get to the portal? Like Google, Firefox, InternetExplorer

I used both Google Chrome and Firefox🤦🏻‍♀️

Wait,I tried Internet Explorer too😂

Hmmm… Well I use google chrome most of the time… What kind of issue are you having?

Yes, I use google as well.
It runs alot smoother then InEx.
Is your computer space almost full?
Do you have multiple programs running at once?

I feel like it’s because my laptop is old🤷🏻‍♀️ idk

I haven’t used my computer in ages, it’s practically empty…the weird thing is that other things, like Facebook,Wattpad or other websites, they work perfectly

Try updating Chrome or Firefox. I don’t know what else would work if that doesn’t.

Already did that…and after that, I tried again with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera

Trying clearing you’re cache in Google settings on your laptop. Maybe it’s been a while? (They give you options on what to clear do cookies and other stuff not everything like passwords).

Had the same problem when I didn’t update in a WHILE and I had to clear cache.

Hmm. I don’t know then. Sorry I couldn’t help :woman_shrugging:

I already did that, NOTHING
I guess that I’m way too lucky for that (sarcastic af)

It’s okay… thanks anyways😃


Have you tried restarting the computer. If that does not work I suggest sending a support ticket


Already tried and I also sent a support ticket, they answered me, I tried what they have told me
I guess that it’s my laptop’s problem along with karma itself😒