Help with the Reveal Contest

When it’s the best moment to publish a story for a contest? Days before the deadline? Hours?
It’s my first story and first contest entry and since I’ve never published a story, all I know is that episode reviews the story but I don’t know how long they take to review it.
Hope anyone can help me :heart:

Reads for retention and the 100-read minimum don’t count until after the deadline so most people, myself included, will publish as close to the deadline as possible. I usually try and publish a few hours before just in case something goes wrong.

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I recommend doing it the day before.

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@EliseC @Phoenix_Hope But does episode reviews the story or how is it?

After the deadline, if the story reaches 100 reads, then they review it and grade it with the rubric score.

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This might help?

Thank u :blush:

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I’ve already read that and I didn’t understand that part (I’m not an native English speaker hehe) but thanks for the help :heart:

actually it does, yeah I just learn that too, @Phoenix_11037 have been writing to the episode staff to figure that out.

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Technically, any reads garnered throughout the contest period including the time before the deadline counts towards the 100 reads requirement. If you were to talk more so about the retention testing, then it only counts for after the deadline since they need to make sure there’s the same amount of time to observe the retention.

Here’s a more in depth explanation here. It’s based on multiple users contacting Episode as well as things said publicly by Episode staff. It’s still highly advisable to publish very close to the deadline since you would be in a more of a favorable position in terms of retention testing.