Help with title & description

Hello peeps of Episode :>)

Sooo, I’ve been trying to come up with a title and a description for a while, but I couldn’t, so I’m asking for your help! :sparkles:

What the story is about: We have MC, (fully customizable character) grade A student, athlete, pretty and popular. She’s not the queen bee of the school though, just a really great student and a perfect life, well that is… until these 3 siblings come to her school and change her life upside down. She basically finds herself in vampire politics. (like a council and stuff)

Since it’s a vampire romance story, I’d appreciate it if you guys could find something that gives off vampire vibes just from the title. Thank you all :pray:t2:

  • The Trio

  • Out for Blood

  • The Bloody Three

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Oooh! These are really good! Thank you @cece.episode :blush:

no problem, girl :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Description: You have the perfect life. An A student athletic,pretty and popular. Until 3 siblings transfer to your school and turn your life upside down. Will you make it out a victor or will you end up being on the receiving end of a vampire’s fangs?!

I hope you like it