Help with too much narration

Hello! :heart: My story has too much narration and I want to remove it completely or leave only a bit at the start. How do I make it sound logical?

:cloud: For context:
In my story the character has a lot of thoughts but they make the story sound robotic and unnatural, more like a bad Wattpad story, not an Episode story.

I hope someone can help me :sunny:

i think a couple general tips would be to remember to show not tell. readers arent stupid so if a characters crying or really happy you dont need to add any narration to tell us that, because its being shown
im not sure what the narration is so i think if you read it and you dont think its entirely necessary, its prolly not and you can get rid of it. or if its explaining something that can be shown, remove it. etc etc


Thank you! :slight_smile:

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An good way to think of episode is that it’s in between a book and a film.

Here’s what I mean

A book is written. And the reader has to imagine what a character looks like. If a book says a character has dead straight hair, you as a reader have to add that description to the person in your imagination.

A film, however, typically does not have narration. The character with dead straight hair is on the screen already in front of you, so it does not need to say Poppy has dead straight hair (this is what @willowkayyy was saying).

In episode, you see the action (like in a film), and you read the speech/narration (like in a book).

I hope this help.


Try to get rid of anything that doesn’t reflex the thoughts of the character. For example descriptors of characters, surroundings, behaviours as the reader can see those. Try to use more thought bubbles than narration if you need to show character thoughts. Maybe try to get your point across in only two or three narration bubbles instead of like 10. Hope these suggestions help :heart:

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