Help With Transition


Is there a way to transition out as the narrator speaks? :purple_heart:


not sure if this is right but try this:

&transition fade out black in 4

(insert text)



It’s said that that’s not a valid directing command :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:


hm then i’m not sure


Ok, thx anyways!


You can’t use the & symbol with transitions. So i don’t think there’s a way to do that.


When doing it use @transition NOT &
I Personally like @transition fade out black


You CAN do:
&CHARACTER is talk_neutral
@transition fade out black


I do think that there is a specific way to do that but try:

Your words here.

&transition fade out black


Symbol & doesn’t work with transitions, unfortunately


Oh okay nevermind thank you


Like I said it has to be @transition


If you want to fade out to black while the Narrator speaks, you could use an all black overlay and have the opacity go from 0 to 1 while the narrator is talking to make it appear as if you’re fading out to black.

@overlay BLACK create
@overlay BLACK scales to 1 1 in 0
@overlay BLACK shifts to 100 100 in zone # in 0
@overlay BLACK opacity 0 in 0

&overlay BLACK opacity 1 in 2