Help with Tray animation please

I have a waiter who is carrying a tray of glasses of wine to a table.
&WAITER 1 walks to spot 0.740 281 225 in zone 1 in 3 AND WAITER 1 does it while walk_tray_neutral_loop AND WAITER 1 moves to layer 12
@overlay GLASSES_2 shifts to 314 284 AND overlay GLASSES_3 shifts to 313 296 in 3 in zone 1 AND overlay GLASSES_3 moves to layer 16 AND overlay GLASSES_3 moves to layer 16 AND WAITER 1 is idle_tray_neutral_loop

When the waiter arrives at the table I want him to stand idle with tray so it looks natural, however something is not going to plan as he stands idle with the tray prop around his wrist.

What have I done wrong?

I think it’s because the waiter has gone idle and not idle_tray_neutral_loop.

Keep your code the same, but the last line where it says AND WAITER1 is idle_tray_neutral_loop, remove this part and put it on the next line like so
@WAITER1 is idle_tray_neutral_loop

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Thank you it worked

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Np :ok_woman:t2:

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