Help with unknown script error please!

So I have a script:
This choice will make a difference in the story!

choice (david)
“I like David too…”{
@pause for a beat
readersMessage You just escaped from a catastrophy
NE (talk_excited)
Then where’s the problem??

    SC (talk_sad)
The only guy I ever liked killed my parents.

    SC (talk_exhausted)
I don't think I can like anyone again.

    NE (talk_sad)
But you like David.

    SC (talk_doubtful)
It doesn't matter how I feel.

    SC (talk_sad)
I don't want to be hurt again.

“He doesn’t matter anything to me.”{

readersMessage It’ll be your fault when something bad happens to you.

    SC (talk_doubtful)
The man of my dreams ended up killing the only people that loved me

    SC (talk_sad)
I'm not letting anyone in.

    SC (talk_sad_timid)
I don't want to be hurt again.


    NE (talk_sad)
But how will you be happy?

    SC (talk_doubtful)
I won't.

And I have an error : There is an } on line 875 that does not have a matching }
Line 875 in the one after the word choice… But it does have a matching… Am I dumb and I don’t see something or what??

It should be readerMessage

Oh shoot! Thanks! That just fixed everything! Thank you so much!

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