Help with Using "becomes" command

Hi all, I’ve recently published a story and in the first episode (after CHAR1 has CC) I’ve used:

@CHAR2 becomes CHAR1

In the second episode, after CHAR1 has changed their hair & makeup, I wanted to revert back to the original afterwards, so I’ve used:

@CHAR1 becomes CHAR2

For some reason this has reverted back to the default character, rather than CHAR1 after they have been CCed. Has anyone experienced this? Does using “becomes” not carry over to the next episode or something or am I missing something entirely?

Thanks for any assistance!

Also, I tried to fix the issue by just removing the reverting back, but I’ve still had people say the character is default after where the coding used to be… So weird :face_with_monocle:

If hair and lip colors are the only concern that you want to revert you can have:

@CHARACTER previews mouthColor Red Matte
@CHARACTER previews hair Straight

and after, have it reverted:
@CHARACTER unpreviews mouthColor Red Matte
@CHARACTER unpreviews hair Straight

I think it can be used for outfits too, but I don’t think the preview command carries over to the next episode though. I could be wrong.


test it in app… the writers portal is not able to remember choices from previouse chapters since it workd differently than the app… therefore it changes to the defoult look.

But in the app it should work.

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