Help with Vampire Characters

Hey guys, I thought I’d know how to do this, but realised I didn’t lmao. I want to know how I sometimes change a character so that their eyes change to red and their fangs show? But this character is CC so i cant exactly uses the changes command with the mouth because i dont know which mouth option every reader would have chosen. I hope this makes sense, any help is appreciated as always, tyyy!


then why don’t you choose a limted cc like the reader can only choose this or that and not everything or they can only choose like two options of fangs and two options of eye colors

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Yeah, sorry I’m not being clear, I’ve already done that, had the limited CC for the mouths i just wanted to know how i change it from one of the two mouth options they were given into one of the two matching fang mouths, but I found another topic which said i had to use the code if/else

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you can make a twin of the character they selected, or you can use points for the differnt eye colors/mouth shapes

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ohh yeah, that’s an option too, thank you!