Help with "walk to spot"

This command isn’t working and i don’t know why?
@EXTRA3 walks to spot 5 339
It says
[ Use the word “in” before specifying the duration ] But i’m not specifying, (?)

A spot/walk command has three values, and yours is missing the last one. Look at the box below the previewer and copy and paste that exact command into your script.
Then add your zone number and timing. It should be formatted something like this:

@CHARACTER walks to spot 1 100 100 in zone 1 in 1

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But has it changed? I used only two values many times… and it works… i dont understand

First value is the scale of the character, or how big it is. The second is the x value (horizontal movement) and the third is y (vertical movement). As far as I know, it has always been this way.

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Oh my gosh i understand! i used the wrong values this time!!! Lol, thank you :heart_eyes:

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Glad that helped! :smiley: I’m guessing it was your scale that was missing. Or not. Maybe you have some giants in your story :laughing: .

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It was more like a smurf lol

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