Help with Word Overlays

I’ve seen this in many stories where people have custom made word overlays that they made, and they make them move around in their story. Does anybody know how to do this?

I use to create the PNG overlays for text =) Super easy.


Okay, but how to make the text move like overlays?

Just upload the text as an overlay and treat it as you would with other overlays. Shift, scale, change opacity, and/or rotate it.

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I know, but I’m trying to find out where to make the text at. What website or app to make text from?

Okay, but that really wasn’t what I was looking for though.

Honestly that’s the best site to use, especially if you aren’t familiar with editing photos and creating png’s. Just choose a text/font style, then type in what you want your text to say, click on “create logo”, then download it. The background is already transparent and it downloads as a png image. Then upload the image as an overlay.

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Okay then. I’ll try that website out!

_ I can make It for you_

Really? Thank you because I don’t know what I’m doing.

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