Help with world building

What’s some best ways to build your story world?

Like what good tips to build your book world?

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Reedsy has a lot of articles and templates that could help you out. Here’s their worldbuilding one :slight_smile: There’s a downloadable world-building template, as well as an article :slight_smile: Just enter your email and they will send a confirmation and the free downloadable guide :slight_smile:


I’d say making it appear as all the characters have a mind of their own! If it feels like characters are just plot devices meant to fulfill the main character, I find the story to be dull. I’d probably jot down some core characters and build up their personality, hopes, dreams, etc and give them mini sub plots within your story. Good luck!


super helpful post

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Ok but how do I write out their mini stories that will lead up to the end and the other 3 books that continues the saga?

I’d say find a way to connect your mini stories to the main one. Map out your sub-plots and envision the direction you want to take with them. Why are the mini stories relevant and what does the reader obtain from viewing them? Perhaps it’s to gain insight on information the main character doesn’t know. Or maybe it’s to escalate tension in your story. Whatever the reason, it should still stay relevant to the core of your story.

Once you create your vision for the mini stories, you have to incorporate them in batches. Those stories shouldn’t dominate the primary one. It should feel like those mini stories are adding to the main one, rather than taking attention away from it. Find a good ratio for when to jump to the mini stories, so they don’t overpower the main story.

For example, if the main character is anxious about her boyfriend’s loyalties, jumping to a scene that puts his intentions into question would amp up the tension without taking away from the heart of the story – Which could be adjusting to a new school senior year, whilst trying to get into a good college.

I hope this helps!

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