Help with writing a story!

Im new on Episode, and Im having a difficult time writing my stories. With all the coding its really confusing for me. I manage to do it all rigth in my moblie phone, but when i have to use a computer… thats another thing lol.
So if any of you can help me it would be amazing!

I’d love to help. Just tell me what you need help with

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Well, I’m not sure why but in the preview in my phone all works completely fine but in my computer the prop that I’m using (metal baseball bat) once I add it I can’t remove it.

Here for help! Just shoot the questions and ill try to help you.


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Well, the main problem that im having its with the props, for example, i cant add the hand gun prop and i cant seem to remove the baseball bat after i added it.

Here’s an example.




Thank you!! Now i know why i couldnt see them, lol.

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Hey, everyone! I have been having a little problem, when characters come into a scene, insted of walking they just like, slide? i dont know how to solve it.

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May I see that part of ur script?

@pause for a beat
&MIKE spot 0.99 -150 147 in zone 1 THEN MIKE faces right
&MIKE walks to spot 0.99 93 147 in zone 1 THEN MIKE faces right
&MIKE moves to layer 4
&HARLOW starts scream
@pause for a beat

Thats what the script says.

If they just slide, then you have to use an animation.

For example

@/MIKE enters from left to screen center AND MIKE is (walking animation you want)