Help with writing a story

Will need help writing a story and connecting the people with their personality I have set for them. I’ll need help with the points system and probably some backgrounds which I will make a new topic for. My characters are made, I have a basic idea of where I want it to go but need someone with some major creativity sparks and invested in the project. If it sounds like something you could do leave a comment :))

That isn’t allowed.

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There goes my idea

I’m asking for help writing which is allowed

That’s allowed, but your idea isn’t.

Sorry i’m really confused. What’s her idea for a plot and why isn’t it allowed?

Before they edited the post they wanted to write a show based off a show they watched which isn’t allowed. That’s why I linked the thread above explaining why it isn’t okay.

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Ohh right sorry. Just asking outta curiosity are you not allowed to make a story about a show/movie. But are you allowed to base it off one, like can it inspire you?

I want to have a story loosely based on a show but ppl got a little booty tickled so I removed that part.

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Yes exactly

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love that phrase “booty tickled” :joy::joy::joy:

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This post will answer your question.

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Okay i’ll check it out thank you!

I was just explaining to you that it wasn’t allowed. No hard feelings played a part. But, if you want to create this story, then go for it :ok_hand:t4: I won’t stop you.

Oop ig inspiration is limited too

For sure thanks

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