Help with writing and directing

strong text I am major need of help with almost everything for writing my story. I am looking for someone to help write and direct my story Deathangel’s Gang. Anyone that will help please. I am using classic ink formation.

what’s the story about? gangs…?

Yes its about gangs. Deathangel is the head of a gang. She is very cold hearted and she doesn’t take crap from anyone.

What do you need help with particularly? I’m very familiar with Classic.

I am having problems changing scenes and adding choices and getting my charcters to face or do any of the commands

Have a look in the guides for anything specific you are looking for. Also, you could watch some Joseph Evans videos on YouTube, as they help a lot and he explains things real well.

To face different ways you just put:
@CHARACTER faces left/right

To change backgrounds put something like:

for example:
@CHARACTER stands screen right AND CHARACTER faces left

For a simple choice, write something like:
Should I watch Netflix or do my homework?

“Watch Netflix.” {
@CHARACTER starts text_loop

…other text and commands…

} “Do homework.” {

a…text and commands…


I tried to do some examples and I hope this helped, somehow. If you need anymore help or want me to explain things better, feel free to ask me :blush: