Help with writing and editing 🧡

Hello everyone! I am so sorry I have not been on here for a long, long time. I was busy with school. I am back and I would like to help with writing and editing. So I can help with questions like, how do I not talk but not do an animation or how do you make a episode character on a background? My iPad is fixed so maybe if I have a long weekend or a break I can actually edit stuff like loading screens and stuff like that. If I don’t know the answer just wait for someone else to answer. That’s all. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Editing how so like character edits? I make splashes, edits and outlines so I might be able ti give you a little advice depending on what your doing.

Actually, I don’t want advice. I made this to give advice. You can share helpful little tricks though. Thanks anyways. :grin:

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Well when I make my outlines or edits (I use ibis paint) it’s good to have the stabilizer all the way. Also for outlines dip pin hard is a good brush for ibis.

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I use ibispaint aswell. Thanks!

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No problem :two_hearts:

I’m logging off.

Okay I am so I can help.

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