Help with writing error! Character is invisible after fading to new scene



Hi Guys :woman_technologist:

I need your help again. A few days ago I started to write my story in the editor. It went quite well so far, but now I’m stuck…

In my “problem scene” I have a fade from the last scene and want my MC lying in bed and sleeping (awakening in the morning, zoom and she’s already in the background during fade)
But I constantly get an error message and my character isn’t visible in my preview.
I’ve read everywhere in the internet … but I just do not know how to write this …

Here is my script:


My MC is supposed to be on the new background INT.TOPVIEW_GRACEB , before that everything works fine.

But the preview didn’t show anything… Did I forget something bevor that code?
This is my behavior: sleep_sit_neutral_loop.

Can someone help me?

PS: After a bit of trying, I do not even see the background anymore! :sweat_smile:

I NEED HEEEEELP! :thinking:


What does the error say?

Maybe try using & before GRACE spot % x y?

And also maybe try adding another 0 to the scale 1.300?


you can do

@transition fade out white in 3
&GRACE stands screen center
&GRACE spot 1.30 98 100


You typed the code in wrong at the bottom I think.

You wrote @GRACE spot 1.30 98 100
But it’s this part: 1.30 98 100, that’s wrong.
You need to write three numbers instead of two.
For example:
@GRACE spot 1.300 98 100


Let me know if that works!


You don’t need to write three numbers. The scale can be either 1, 1.0, 1.00, or even 1.000000


Thank you all for your answers!
I’ll try it tomorrow and tell you what tip really worked and what my error was!