Help with your story

Hi everyone

If anyone needs help with thier story wither it’s the title, the plot, a scene or even a character

Please get in contact with me I’d love to help

Send me a message or contact me through IG it’s hannahc.epiwrites

I’d love to help you :heart:

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i’d be happy if i could get some help so i could read what youve done to be able to do it myself.

Of course

What is it that you think is wrong?

My two stories are This is me and Mafia Star

I need help with transitions and exact positioning

Of course

Take a look at them and see what you think

If you need any more help please just say xx

@DISA enters from left to POSITION 0.821 261 215

What am i doing wrong?

What you need to do is
@MC enters from left/right to screen left/right


@MC walks to spot …

that looks ugly ;I then she just enters and THEN walks back

It’s how I do it

I need help with a character for a teen pregnancy story. Can you give me your opinion on him?

Of course

I’m here for helping anyone

Is he hot enough for a teen pregnancy story?
If not, what should I change?
BTW, he’s not a bad boy.

I’d change his eyes to classic or whatever it’s called where his eye color is actually see able

Just like the guy on the left with black hair

Hello there I need help on how to start my story.

Here is the description:
When life takes its swing at you,you’re left jobless and hit a whole new low and depending on nothing and nobody.So when you finally get a job,will you let lies and love get to you

The thing is Round Gentle is the only eye color I felt comfortable with Felix having and I looked at a lot, is there anything else I should change?

If not,
thank you for trying to help me,

What about the eyebrows

Try changing them too thin eyebrows

It’ll make him seem hotter because it’ll look like he’s taking a look at his appearance

Thanks. So this?

Yes :+1:t2: