Help with your story!

Hii There,
Hope you are doing well and your story is also in good progress. I’m again in need of your advice. Can you please guide me to UPLOAD MY OWN BACKGROUND INSIDE MY STORY’S CHAPTER!?
Specifically, to be precise I want to add an image of a Cruise inside my chapters, can you tell me how can I do that?
Hoping your affirmative Help.
May God bless you & your dreams.

Ani Ray

Hii There,
It’s always great to hear from you, no matter if it’s about any help of writing Episode chapters. Thanks for helping me with the adding my own background topic and it’s done from my part, it’s now under the “In Review” section. I hope it’ll be granted the required permission.

Thanks for thinking me eligible to help you with your ''spellings and grammar". I won’t deny that I’m good at English writing, even with punctuations. Within that default method of Episode’s rules and norms to keep the speech/conversation within 200 letters only… I guess I can manage your speech with necessary tactics. Actually, it’s good to have a strict boundary line/limits sometimes, otherwise, novice writers like me might have written the full story in one conversation only! LoL! :joy:

You can send me the speeches or the conversation in any form/way you’d feel comfortable with. I mean you can e-mail me at my personal e-mail address or you can show me here as well or You can PM here also. I’d be glad to be a returning-help partner. :writing_hand:
You can ask me to assist with anything else if you ever need…and in my case, I guess I’ll bug you many more times until I finish my story. :blush:

Looking forward to hear from you again. Keep Well. :blossom:
Ani Ray


I read through all along! And as per our personal code :heart:

Delete the whole conversation if you know how to do that… :smiley:

Okay, so I’m currently writing my first story, and I’m having a couple issues, When my characters are entering my scenes, they aren’t walking…they are just gliding in. And I’m having an issue figuring out how to lay them down…like when they go to bed. Any help is appreciated!

If you’re using & instead of @ that might be the problem.

@CHARACTER enters from left to screen right
@CHARACTER walks to spot % X Y

For laying down characters just use:
@CHARACTER stands screen center AND CHARACTERS is sleep_animation
(you should add faces left or right as well but it depends on the bed)
Then you have to move your character using spot directing

Also, if you’re using episode background have a look at my spot cheat sheet :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!!! You are amazing! Lol. I’ve been stuck on these for like 3 days. Haha.

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Okay I will and i’m sorry, i send you the wrong email the first two numbers are 28. Don’t worry your not talking to a random person, that was my old one that I couldn’t log in to!

You wouldn’t happen to have one of those handy cheat sheets for sitting spots? Would you? Lol. That thing is incredible!

I do not :joy: but what do you need? :grin:

I’m just terrible at the whole spots thing…and apparently the choices thing too. Haha. It’s a lot to learn!

It is! But you’ll get hang of it, just take your time, don’t rush and ask if you need anything :slight_smile:

Simple choice:

“Option One”{

}“Option Two”{


I wanted to do an option for outfits, but make it to where they can go back and pick them that way they can see them before they make the final choice. But I can’t figure out how to get it to work.

Do you want to remember this outfits for future episodes or it’s just a simple dressing game?

Just a simple outfit choice for that episode.

Can you tell me which style are you using?

I’m using INK.

Check the whole site as well :smiley: many helpful things there!

You are literally a life saver!!! Lol. Thank you so much, again!

Any tips on how to do the hugging/kissing? I can’t seem to get them to face the right way, even if I type to have them face a certain way…they just seem to face whatever way they want.