Help with your story!

Do you want to remember this outfits for future episodes or it’s just a simple dressing game?

Just a simple outfit choice for that episode.

Can you tell me which style are you using?

I’m using INK.

Check the whole site as well :smiley: many helpful things there!

You are literally a life saver!!! Lol. Thank you so much, again!

Any tips on how to do the hugging/kissing? I can’t seem to get them to face the right way, even if I type to have them face a certain way…they just seem to face whatever way they want.

Character facing rear left:

@CHARACTER faces right AND CHARACTER is idle_rear

Character facing rear right:

@CHARACTER faces left AND CHARACTER is idle_rear

How do you make the person choose from a list of names.
For example, what if I want them to choose from the name Sally, Lucy and Alina. What is the code to let them chose the name?

Which name would you prefer?

choice (NAME)
“Sally” continue
"Lucy " continue
“Alina” continue

Just use [NAME] in the dialogue

I don’t know if you can do this, but can you give your character an animation without having to also give them something to think or say?

Of course

@CHAR is animation_name

Thank you!

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