HELP with Zooming across a background

Hey, can anyone tell me what the coding is for zooming across an entire background and then back again. Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you mean this:
@pan to zone #
# - 1-3 (sometimes 4?)

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ah yes exactly!

This article talks about pans.

In this article, it states:
@pan to zone X in S

i.e. @pan to zone 2 in 3 (the camera will pan from whatever zone it’s in to zone 2 in 3 seconds.)

So X would be the zone and can be any number (1-4)
S would be the number of seconds, and can be any that you decide (2, 3, 4, and so forth)

Good luck with everything!

Here’s a thread of mine if you ever need help in the future.

thank you all so much!