Help with Zooming in and out

I need help with zooming in on my character. I want to zoom in on her full body and remove background characters.

Zooming on character:

To remove characters, can write:
&remove CHAR

replace CHAR with an existing CHARACTER’S name. Can use remove on many characters and can do it when zoomed at her feet. When you zoom to her head and then decide to zoom out, when you zoom out (in 0 seconds), you can re-spot background characters if you want to.

&remove CHAR is for if you zoom at her feet in 0 seconds. If you zoom on her feet, and take a few seconds getting there, and you don’t want the characters to pop out of the scene randomly, you can have them slide offscreen using spot directing to their new coordinates.

P.S here’s a video on full body zoom:


Thank you !!!

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