Help with zooming sos

hi! i’m trying to add a flashback scene where i need to zoom in immidiately, so i have the command @zoom in on x y to % in 0
but it still looks like it’s a cut, where a different part of the background is shown first and then it cuts/zooms in. does anyone know how to fix this?

Are you zooming into another zone?

You’d have to do:
&cut to zone X
@zoom on xy to X% in 0

thanks, that worked but my character shows up later, when i want her to be in the scene already. do you know how i can fix that lol

Use an & to place her in the background when you set the scene, instead of a @

i did that but it still doensn’t work :confused:

Can I see a screenshot of the code, in the place where you see her popping into frame?

I usually place my characters in the background before adding the @/transition in command.

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