Help! Would it be weird?

Hi everyone,

I’m currently writing a story, and most of it will be based on “messaging/texting” now the main characters have two identities “online and real” since through phone text format you can only use “one” character as the main character would it be weird if I didn’t use a second character for the online persona? As I’d like it to look like texts back and forth rather than it all be on one side.

like for example would it be weird if I explained the characters username in the story but what actually will display for the MC will be their actual name within the story

I will give an example

MC = Charlotte
LI = Josh
MC Online Username = Ahreeah
LI Online Username = Frostgod (there will be separate character created for this)

Phonetxt format

Hey Ahreeah

                                  Hey Frosty

Does this make any sense?


Yes I think so.

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I’m confused… yes you think its weird?

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Nope, it seems normal

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Sorry, I was responding to your last question. I think it makes sense.

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oh haha, thanks :slight_smile:


You can’t switch a person to be the main character but if you want you can switch who gets what side from each text, meaning that you can switch the sender by simply putting
@/MAIN right
@/SIDE left


@/SIDE right
@/MAIN left


@Liz_Mar.episode OMG I LOVE YOU LIKE A GAZILLION! I did not know you could do this.

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:blush: :heart:
I know!!! I hope this little hack helps!!!

Oh it has like you wouldn’t believe thank you so much :heart::heart::heart::heart:

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If your story is out, let me know I definitely like the concept of your story!
If not, definitely let me know when you publish!

I’m hoping to have it out by the start of the new year. I’ve fully written just need to code it on the portal

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Awesome!!! can’t wait!!! Keep me updated! and if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to hmu

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Can I also be notified when you have it out? It sounds really interesting lol

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Sure :slight_smile:

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