Help! Would you read this story?


I made a new story about a girl named camila. her best friend is gay and That’s all I have so far. would any of you read a story called dirty dancing about camila and alex (the gay bff) and they enter a dance contest. this contest is for $100,000 but the problem is, they get in a fight over stuff. I will figure out the legistsics but thats the base

Stuck on a story plot

But why would it need to matter if the persons gay?..


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so I started a story about a girl named Camila with a gay best friend. That’s all I’ve got so far. oops


Perhaps she could secretly have a crush on the best friend, she knows that they aren’t interested in her because of them being gay so keeps it a secret, perhaps her feelings are then discovered and it strains their relationship. They end up becoming distant. You could then focus on Camilla’ s struggle and sadness of losing her best friend. Perhaps she acts out or becomes reckless and does things she wouldn’t normally do, leading her into trouble?
Just an idea. Hope it helps. :grinning:


Have them fight over liking the same guy lol, only for them to realise that all they truly need is each other’s friendship.


mainly because in most episode stories, the best friend is a girl and i wanted to do something a little different