Help! Writer's Block... Over?

I haven’t been writing my stories for a while, and I think it’s time to give it a go.

I’ve been writing stories for a little over a year now, and I have finally figured out what I need to do to fix my works, and overall become a better writer.

  1. Write the entire story, or most of it before publishing, and slowly release episodes (so as to keep readers on their toes, and to have an actual update schedule).
  2. Episodes should be roughly 7-15 minutes to engage readers thoroughly.
  3. Allow CC at the end of chapters, so readers can see (and understand) why and what your characters were envisioned as.
  4. Don’t load too much into the first chapter, that way the story is easier to understand.
  5. The better grammar the more readers will like the book. People who don’t use proper grammar tend to make everyone want to stop reading.

Please give tips (like the one’s above) for me to use before writing again!

Thanks :blush:


The way I write my stories is to not care what others think and just write it the way I envision it.

Write for yourself and you will enjoy the process more. Write it for others and it will feel like a chore.


a really useful tip that’s been helping me a lot is to know at least your main character(s) so well that you’ll always automatically know how they would respond and react in any situation. you should also plan out why they are the way they are, what problem they’ve dealt with, and how they behave in different types of relationships (siblings, friends, parents, romance, etc).

credit to @ColeCatalyst (apologies for the mention! but thanks for the tip!) for the useful tip :))


A little trick that helps me push through the moments where I struggle to get going when I’m run down or exhausted, is I have little trailers for my stories, or specific songs which embody key scenes, and then watch the trailer and see all the specific moments I have planned for the story as it unfolds, or get my mind engaged in bringing that content to life, and it helps me to move past that tired layer and force myself to get even a little work done for the day.
They don’t even need to be overly complex, just something that is able to give you a little boost to make it over the hurdle that’s blocking you :blush:


When I have writer’s block I usually google images of different movies or tv shows to get inspired again. Of course you don’t want to copy and plagiarize but it’s just a little thing I do to get the juices flowing. Hope it helps :slight_smile:


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