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Hey guys! In one of my stories, there is a character I’m writing who is from Korea and I want to represent them well (as I am not Korean myself). To those with knowledge of Korean culture or anything of the sort, what can I do to make this character accurate and not stereotypical? Is there anything I should know before writing them? What are common customs, foods, etc?

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A really good way to study Korean culture is to watch K-Dramas. They actually include a lot about their culture (depending on which one you watch of course…) and if you like K-pop, I suppose that could help you too but in my opinion, K-pop only glorifies Korea and makes it seem like THE perfect country.

Here’s some information I know about Korean culture:

  • Elders/Older people are very respected. They have the terms that they address older girls and boys. In fact, they are all about respect.
  • Kimchi (it’s like spicy cabbage) is a well known food in Korea, as well as Korean BBQ, Jjajangmyeon (noodle dish with black bean paste), and Ddukbokki (spicy rice cakes, my fav!!)
  • School in Korea is very different from school in other countries, here’s a really cool short video about it!
  • They have street markets! Basically booths that sell things and some clothing shops and it’s all very “open.” Search it up!
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I found this on my bookmarks:

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