Help Writing a Romance and I Have No Heart

My story isn’t mainly a romance but it has some romantic elements but every time I try write romance I just feel silly. Anyone have any tips for writing like a believable romance? I want my romance to be a natural build up of emotions. Not like how in most ficts where its just suddenly people like each other and would do anything for each other kind of thing. Any tips that guide you guys when you write romance?


The biggest tip is to consider your characters . Would they really say that? Would you ever say something like that? Is this a building relationship based on genuine connection or attraction that becomes more as they get to know each other? Is conflict forcing them to function as a team or do they have a natural sync that comes in handy during crisis?

Don’t force a romance just because. It needs to be organic, to both the characters and real life (to a degree).

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Consider how the reader would feel.

Would they think: “OMG HE’S LIKE, SOOOO DREAMY”

Or: “i barely know this dude why am i kissing him”

xD get them attached and have fun! :smiley:


Listen, it’s Episode, it’s all fiction. So here are a few tips for writing romance on Episode:

*You don’t have to make it realistic. Go wild with your imagination! Come up with some crazy unrealistic idea for interesting kind of romance.
Real life romance is usually not that great, like 95% relationships don’t work, it doesn’t matter if “you have no heart” because you don’t have to make it about something from yourself, it needs to be crazy and exciting!

*Write your style. Romance in stories can come as so many different things, if you have something you prefer more to write about, some subject that interests you, then go ahead and write about it! (For example, I like when the romance is “actiony” and unexpected, like when it comes out from the completely unexpected place ever that no one would ever think was possible.)

*Don’t go too crazy, still answer content guidelines.

*Since this is Episode, it’s pretty cool to make choices about romance/ love interests. For example:

  1. It’s a little hard to code, but ask people which gender they prefer to date.

  2. A choice for an action, something like:

(first option) Kiss him!

(second option) Don’t kiss him, that would be so weird!

  1. A choice for who the readers want to end up with. Usually out of 2 or 3 options.

*Make it a little comic and dramatic at the same time. Maybe not actually at the exact same time, but during the story, some moments can be dramatic and some can be comic and a little refreshing.

I have more tips but I’m feeling like this is already too long lol

Good luck with your story!!!


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Arguments. All relationships have arguments. It makes it more realistic.

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