Help writing error


hey so i have apparently an error in my script but I don’t know what I did wrong. I wrote: @ROSE enters from left to screen left
but the error sais: unexcepted sequence you cannot use a director command (starting with @) here.


:slight_smile: try

&ROSE enters from left to screen left


thanks but it didn’t help now there is: unexpected no wait sequence


I tried with just don’t having an @ there but now there came another error: no bodycolor called fair warm exists



&ROSE enters from left to screen left in S

S= how long it takes


this also don’t works :sob:


Hmm. Send me an actual picture of your script



You shouldn’t put that after an unfinished dialogue. Complete the dialogue


That is because you put a space before the &


I think so



Replace S with a number. For example if you want them to get there in three seconds, replace S with 3


Yes that as well


Oh thanks for your help