Help writing portal on computer

Ok guys, I’m panicking soooo much right now
I wrote a story on episode this year, one or two chapters with the account I’m posting this question now.
I can’t seem to find anymore the writing portal and my story! The complete page “writer portal” and “guidelines” and “my stories” and all that stuff DISAPPEARED! I’m on a computer and it’s been two hours of looking for a way to get to that page I was a few months ago writing my own story. I copy/paste the link, rewrite it and so on AND nothing appears!


Don’t panic hun, there is always a solution.

now, lets get down to business, is your internet connection good?

If you having problem with your internet connection, try restarting it.

If the same problem happens again, submit a ticket to the Episode Team.

Yeah! Anytime I try to get to that writing portal, I only get to the “episode homepage”, I watched a whole tutorial on youtube to see, I copied the link used by the girl on the video, and the link doesn’t get me anywhere else than here, even though I’m logged in! I’m depreeesseeed

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Don’t feel depressed. It’s okay. So, the problem was the internet?

Did you try restarting it?

I just did and nothing changes, here’s the link I’m using :

use this link, its the same, but try this one and see if it works.

Still sending me on episode’s homepage,

scroll all the way down

then log on to google or facebook. It will bring you to the writers portal main page.

I tried, but it doesn’t seem to work, I even changed from safari to google chrome to see, but it’s the exact same thing

I’m trying to get to that page :

you need to log on back to that previous email that you used.

so go to your emila account, to log back into that account, then log back to google on episode home page.

I’m trying this

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if u need to make a new email account. Do it, sigh in with that, then log into google on episode page with that email.

Send me the link to that youtube video.

Still not working :persevere:

submit a ticket to episode team